Electric Scooter App Development Cost in 2022

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased and the lion’s share of these vehicles are electric scooters. They are easy to ride, they do not require any license from a driver, and, no doubt, they are as eco-friendly as any vehicle could be. Yet not every e-scooter appreciator wants to purchase them as the scooter’s price is high enough. Instead, there is a real boom in e-scooter sharing services. That is you can get an e-scooter any time you need and return it to the owner when you have no more need for it. 

If you want to start your electric scooter business, there is no problem with this. Just purchase the fleet, register the company, and do not forget to get an electric scooter app to manage the whole process of leasing e-scooters. That’s what we focus on in this article. How to get an e-scooter application for the rental business and how much will the electric scooter app development cost in 2022.

  • Main Functions an Electric Scooter App Should Have

Let’s start with the functionality as you should fully understand it when you apply for electric scooter app development services. There are two major parts your e-scooter rental app should have:

  • The client’s side are functions for choosing the vehicle, renting it, paying for it, and tracking nearby e-scooters available to get.
  • The owner’s side. That is a full-fledged CRM to track scooters, manage relations with customers, get reports, and control almost everything about your business.

The perfect combo of these two parts is what you actually need from the electric scooter app development team who works on your project.

If going into detail, there are several important features that should be considered while e-scooter app development.

  1. GPS tracking. You need to track whether each of your e-scooters is OK and your customers need real-time tracking vis GPS to find the nearest scooter when they want to rent it.
  2. Smart lock system to provide security of your fleet by locking the scooter after the time is out.
  3. QR scanner to unlock the scooter easily when the customer placed the order to rent a scooter and paid for it.
  4. Several payment methods to make the process of rent convenient for a user who has the choice of how to pay for it.
  5. Built-in reports ease your accounting process.

That’s not all, as you can also integrate your app with the website, launch social media accounts, and create feedback options to increase your Google ranking by sending feedback via an app.

All this can be done in several ways. 

  • Custom Development Costs

First, you can choose a custom electric scooter app development. It means that you get a dedicated development team that creates the application from scratch taking into account all your needs, goals, purposes, and requirements.

This way is really worth your attention especially compared to the on-shelve development. This may provide you with a unique and effective application that 100% serves your business.

Yet there is a fly in ointment. That is the price of e-scooter app custom development. As usual, the development of an app like that from A to Z requires 1,000-1,300 hours of work from a team that consists of a PM, UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, QAs, and sometimes, even business analytics.

As a result, the total cost can get up to $35,000+ and more depending on the functions, the terms, and the residence of your dedicated team, BTW. 

  • Electric Scooter App Franchise as an Alternative to Custom App Development: Pros and Cons

Fortunately, there is an alternative for custom electric scooter app development provided by RexSoft. Due to the growth of the e-scooter rental business popularity, we’ve developed a unified solution – an electric scooter franchise that allows you to get a full-fledged application with minimal losses.

  • Pros of E-Scooter App Franchise
  • Fast development terms – just 150-200 hours + support.
  • Customization for your company. Branding, adding some special features or removing something unimportant can be done.
  • Low pricing. Franchise offers a fixed sum for the starter’s kit + a fixed fee for each scooter monthly. In total, it is much cheaper than developing a custom app, besides, the more scooters you get in your fleet, the lower will be the commission per vehicle (for large fleets, it is no more than $5 per month per vehicle).
  • Fast payout. You do not need to accumulate money to start the business. Instead, you get it working and so, the payout is faster.
  • Cons of E-Scooter App Franchise

Of course, when you need a really custom application that will be fully different from all the offers on the market, using a franchise won’t make you 100% content. But there are no more cons except this.

  • Conclusions

When you want to launch the e-scooter rental business, using the franchise is a win-win solution at least in the first stage of your development. It saves money and needs little time to get the product on the market. Besides, the franchise is also convenient due to its thought-out functionality and structure that was already tested on numerous companies that used it.

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