Everything you need to know about local SEO

SEO isn’t necessarily for large corporations and entrepreneurs. A small business like a bike repair shop can also be a part of SEO to build their business. The search trends have changed drastically over the last few years.

 People now aren’t asking anyone for suggestions or directions on the street. Instead, they simply open their smartphone and search for a service nearby. Aren’t we all accustomed to using the search engine and typing “so and so near me”?!

 Deconstructing SEO

 Though SEO might seem complex initially, it has made everyone’s life a lot easier. Using SEO doesn’t necessarily put your business on an international platform (unless you want it to). 

 Artificial intelligence disintegrates the businesses as per their locality and preferences set by the user. Thus, allowing you to have complete control over what people will see about your business.

 Why should I invest in SEO

 Apart from placing you in the virtual world, SEO offers too many advantages that one can’t overlook. Here are some points why you should consider pinning your business on the online map!

  •  Generate new leads.
  • Improve your brand’s visibility.
  • Boost sales and revenue.

 Do you know? 72% of the local searches result in the person visiting the location. So, you can say that out of every 100 searches, 72 people will come and visit your store!

 However, these perks come with a few prerequisites. You need to provide all the business information and present it online. The more you share, the more people will find your brand valuable. Consider updating these things online,

 Name & Address: First things first, you need to provide your business name and a short description of what it is about. Be precise and straightforward while writing the narrative. 

 Refer to business-related keywords that are currently in trend to help you improve your SEO ranking! Adding an address helps the person searching find your business easily.

 Phone number and Map: What works best for the local stores is a phone number in their description. You might not convert every potential call into a successful sale but, the number of enquiries will drastically increase resulting in better sales.

 A map helps the user visit your business directly, without having to call you a dozen times asking for directions. Sometimes, the person searching might not have time to call and visit your store for immediate help! 

 Let’s assume a scenario, a tourist’s car breaks down. It’s difficult to find a repair store because they are in a new place. So, they search for repair assistance nearby. When you place your business online, they likely choose you over any far off store for help!

 Reviews and contacts: 80% of the people searching for business refer to the reviews before choosing the store! So, feedback plays a crucial role in building trust for potential clients. Send feedback links to your existing customers and request them to post them online. 

 Another way to build great clientele is by keeping in touch. Create an email list of the new & old contacts and send informative newsletters or offers. Find these contacts using the email search tool, GetEmail.io.

 It is the whitepages of email addresses. GetEmail.io comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin. Thus, making it easy for you to search the email addresses on professional media. Its Gmail extension has great features wherein you can see the hierarchy contacts of any given company!

 So, utilize these tips and tricks to create a good impact in your neighborhood!


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