How to Legally Download Movies for Free?

One among the most convenient and easiest ways to kill time these days (without even realizing) is to watch a video, movie or something on your Smartphone. And finding Wi-Fi hotspots for streaming movies whenever you want can be hard, especially when you’re in a moving vehicle. So how to legally download movies for free?

So below are a few streaming services that offer a solution to legally download anything and watch any time without an internet connection. You may also try sites like or Netflix.

Google Play Movies & TV

While you use the Google Play Movies & TV app in order to rent or buy movies as well as TV shows, you are able to download the content and watch them on up to 5 devices. Find the red checkmark icon and press it to start the download. It’s fast and fun to use because of the user-friendly layout.

Since you can download your content to various devices, it works well while you’re traveling especially with kids and you have no backseat DVD player system. And hence, you can give each person their own device and feel free to consume as much content as you all want for hours.

Download Google Play Movies and TV — Android | iOS (Prices vary for downloadable content)

Amazon Prime Video

On Amazon Prime, you can watch anything in its collection offline. Just ensure that you have chosen the “Included with Prime” section which is in the upper left corner. Moreover, Amazon Prime offers a wide collection of latest releases as well as classics along with plenty of children-friendly options.

Also, since Amazon Prime comes with many titles you can choose from, it is an authorized service, and hence, you can download content freely.

Although Amazon Prime provides an offer on streamed or downloadable content with other various membership perks including access to Kindle ebooks, music tracks, Audible audio series, and free as well as fast shipping for Prime-eligible Amazon products.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video — Android | iOS (Require a $99/year Amazon Prime subscription)


TED provides you with over 2,000 content pieces to download and also includes subtitles in the case of other languages. After you find a talk which is worthwhile, you can click on the red download icon in order to start transferring the file onto your device.

It has another cool feature which helps in building a customized playlist which depends on topics you prefer and your free time. You are also able to look through a section with most known/famous TED Talks if you have had a hard time deciding which one to watch. TED is free which makes it a preferable choice.

Download the TED app — Android | iOS (Free)

YouTube Red

Available in certain countries like the U.S, YouTube Red is basically a subscription-based service that allows access to unlimited ad-free videos. It allows you to continue watching content even when you are using other apps simultaneously. Moreover, it also allows for legal offline viewing along with a specific section for toddlers.

It features authentic content and allows you to create playlists to watch them afterward without an internet connection. For signing up for the Android service, go to your account that is within the YouTube app, access the Google Payments, and authorize the subscription. For iOS devices, you opt for YouTube Red via iTunes. If you already are a subscriber to Google Play Music, you have got the YouTube Red access to and vice versa.

Download YouTube Red — Android | iOS ($12.99/month once the 30-day free trial ends)


With a “watch later” feature, Vimeo allows you bookmarking videos on the site so you can watch it them later. On Vimeo, you are able to watch a huge chunk of the website’s content in HD which also includes the content from filmmakers as well as music videos from various rising stars.

People prefer Vimeo as it is ad-free, no subscription is needed and you can directly upload content using it without any computer (with an internet connection of course).

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