Redbot Security: The Importance of Cyber Security to Your Business

The world grows more interconnected by the day. Businesses and consumers alike use the web to search for products and services, often interacting with sites by using financial data or entering private emails and other information. While the use of the internet is normal, according to Redbot Security experts, many people and, especially, business entities do not realize how vulnerable their information is to malicious actors.

5 Reasons Cyber Security Is Essential to Your Business

Businesses without a proper IT department place their operations at considerable risk. Hackers and other cyber criminals never stop evaluating or exploiting programming weaknesses. If cybersecurity is not yet chief among business concerns, there are several reasons it needs to move up the list.

1. Cybercrimes Are Not Going Away

More and more workplaces are moving to remote work operations or a split between traditional and distance arrangements. As businesses focus on digitizing their operations, moving them online, they increase their risk of attacks.

According to an article in the Washington Post, cybercrimes increased by 400% from 2019 to 2020. The most common attacks businesses face include:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • DDoS

Any common digital threats a business might face can cause significant damage. In many cases, extreme vulnerabilities can shut down operations for days.

2. Cybercrimes Are Expensive

Many small and medium-sized businesses decide against thorough cybersecurity because of the costs. However, in trying to save a little, companies expose themselves to costly damages. According to a report from the Center of Strategic and International Studies in partnership with McAfee, nearly 1% of the GDP, or $600 billion, is lost to cybercrimes annually.

It is understandable if a business cannot afford an in-house cybersecurity team. Hiring and staffing in-house operations are exceedingly expensive. Outsourcing your cybersecurity efforts to a company like Redbot Security is a more feasible option.

3. Data Is Precious

A company’s data is more than inventory lists and project reports. At its most valuable, business data contains financial, operational, and even personal information that criminals wish to exploit.

A malicious actor might halt operations at a medical center by freezing medical staff out of vital systems. They may hack into an oil company’s supply system, closing off access and threatening national infrastructure. The world is only beginning to grasp the damage hackers can cause.

Your business is not more or less vulnerable because of its size. Criminals look for any opportunity to gain a financial advantage.

How To Protect Your Business From Digital Threats

There are many ways a business can protect itself against potential threats, including following password and internet best practices. However, the best way to protect a business is with the help of cybersecurity professionals.

Redbot Security is a leader in the cybersecurity industry. With its tools, penetration testing services, and proven security processes, your business will never be safer.

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