Smart TV App Development – How and How Much Does it Cost to Create Smart TV App

What is Smart TV App

Smart TVs are penetrating more and more households annually. People enjoy the ability to watch their favorite shows, stream videos, and exercise with a smart TV app in front of a large screen – all the features that standard television is deprived of.

The definition of a smart TV app is pretty clear. This is an application used in smart TVs for providing users with various forms of content. Let’s delve into more details to learn about the types of smart TV apps available, and how long and how much smart TV app development takes. 

Types of Smart TV Apps

There are various types of smart TV apps catering to the preferences of different audiences. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of applications for your smart TV.

Audio Apps

Whenever you’re into listening to some of your favorite tracks, get started with music video streaming apps. Turn that TV into a jukebox and choose soundtracks for your most memorable moments at home. The most popular smart TV apps for music are Spotify and iHeart Radio. 

Video Streaming Applications

Probably the most popular types of smart TV apps. They enable continuous transmission of video content from a server to a user. Based on the content distribution manner, video streaming apps are divided into services from traditional cable TV providers (Sling TV), on-demand platforms with mostly original content (Netflix), and streaming solutions from independent TV networks (HBO). 

Smart Home Control

Smart TV apps are not only about entertainment but a way of keeping control over devices at home. The smart home control TV app allows control of all your appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, light bulbs, and others. 

Fitness Apps

Another form of smart TV apps is fitness-oriented solutions. Exercising in front of a big screen TV is a convenient form of training without hiring a personal trainer. Some examples of fitness-oriented apps for smart TV are Daily Burn and Peloton

5 Steps of Smart TV App Development Process

Let’s take a look at what an efficient smart TV app development process should look like and how to build an app from scratch.

Discussion Of App Requirements with a Developer

Once you’ve chosen the development team to fulfill a project, communicate with them all specific requirements. It’s essential to provide a team with all project details and receive advice from a professional point of view. 

Ui/Ux Design

A team of creative Ui/Ux designers do their magic to create an intuitive, easy-to-navigate product for a convenient user flow. 


Coding and programming are the guts of any application. When a prototype of a product is created, frontend and backend developers bring it to life. With a proper tech stack, they make sure a smart TV app works smoothly on your TV. 


Q&A (quality assurance) engineers check if a product complies with the requirements, test it in order to find and fix the bugs, and plan ideas to improve a product’s quality before the launch. 

Release, Maintenance, and Support

Smart TV app development cycle never ends. Even after an application is finally released to the audience, it’s always subject to constant checking, analysis, and improvements. For a product’s vitality, it’s essential to find a team that would provide high-quality support throughout the application’s lifecycle and will be able to provide updates when necessary. 

The Cost of Smart TV App Development

Many factors regulate the cost of Smart TV App development. Some of the most significant is the complexity of the UI/UX design, the number, and type of features and functionality integrated, the tech stack, and the location of the programmer team involved. Regarding all these aspects, the final cost of smart TV app development may range between $20.000 – $40.000.

You can enjoy a multitude of options with smart TV apps without leaving your sofa. Whatever you fancy, taking daily workouts, listening to some of your favorite tracks, or enjoying weekends with a long-awaited episode of a favorite series – smart TV apps have everything you need. If you have an exceptional idea about a smart TV app, contact an expert development team Perfsol to create an idea into a game-changing product.

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