Top Real Money Review Sites in 2022

If you’re constantly on the search for sites that are 100% transparent and trustworthy for providing valuable information that pays you, then you’re not going to regret learning how you got here.

Sites like Real Money Gamer offer premium quality content and the right kind of reviews for sharing games that you can play and engage in to help you get paid. 

The sites we’re sharing frequently overlook the new and upcoming games that give players exciting engagement when they’re on their path to adding a few extra dollars in their pocket while gaming. 

On top of that, some of the sites also share first-hand experience on best practices to winning the highly competitive games they recommend.

You’re only missing your chance to win more money when you don’t take a look at these sites that share their insights on the Top Real Money–Making games on the market!

Real Money Gamer


Real Money Gamer is your go-to site when you want to learn about the latest games that have given real gamers more extra cash to play with while playing the top-trendy games on the market.

You’re provided with top-notch news and reviews for the games that are available to play through your iOS device, Android, or even on desktop. Tips, tricks, and strategies are shared for navigating games that have players compete and race to win the most cash in online gameplay as well as high-stake tournaments.

The shared games are among the best top-trending games on the market which people are playing to make extra side cash. If you take a deeper dive into Real Money Gamer, you could be one of the money-making gamers too!

Take your chances with learning more from Real Money Gamer and discover the games you need in your phone now!

Cash Gamer Reviews


If you’re looking for quick guides to pick the best games overseas, then Cash Gamer Reviews would be a site to find games that suit players in India. They share their opinions and reviews for gamers to select the games you should be playing and what kind of payout you can get from the games that are offered.

Cash Gamer Reviews have a variety of online games that are similar to the games that can be played at your local casino such as, Solitaire, Poker, or even a Fantasy Football game.

The games that are offered are mainly focused for India-based gamers, so there may be a limitation, but you’re still able to see what kind of games are available to play and get paid.

Wealth Words


Are you the type of gamer that enjoys solving puzzles or maybe discovering better ways to expand your vocabulary? Wealth Words is the site to be on given the variety of crossword games and puzzles that are available.

Exercise your mental skills on Wealth Words and explore the multitude of options on making money through word games. There are time limits to each game and if you’re one of the many players that can put your skills to the test, then get ready to challenge yourself.

Real Money Games


A variety of games are offered on Real Money Games and a lot of the games UK-based, however, you can still get paid to play a lot of the games that are shared throughout the site. 

Real Money Games shares a percentage-based rating off their personal experience while playing the games and gives a brief overview of what could be expected. The games could be found being compared to relevant games that share a similar concept and what you can expect as a gamer playing them.

The site is frequently monitored and updated with hot games that are always looking to give players more money!

In Conclusion

Whether you’re gaming on your phone or desktop, there’s plenty of online resources available for review when making your next best choice to depend on.

Take this opportunity to check the sites like Real Money Gamer and the others to learn more about what is available to you to play some games and add a few extra bucks to your pocket. 




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