Why do we need an Email Monitoring App

When it comes to Business communication, emails play a significant role. It is the fastest and indeed, the cheapest form of Business communication through which you can easily transfer information and electronic data. Email is marked as a professional way of communicating and the most reliable one. It is regarded as the convenient way of sending and receiving data because you can send the same Email to the maximum amount of people, and the emails you sent or receive will be saved at your address for as long as you won’t delete it. In the Business world, we see data as the essential information, and one cannot take the risk of it being spread or send to the wrong address. You cannot compromise on it at any cost because it can ruin your business and career. Read on to find why do we need an email monitoring app.

The email tracking system lets you keep a close eye on the targeted user and monitor emails that are being sent and receive from any user working under you, doesn’t matter what gadget they are using for sending a particular email. The most favorable way of monitoring one’s emails is through an Email monitoring app.

By tracking Email, you can get a better awareness of how your employees are using their email address. You can access the entire email network from the server to the client that gives you an overview of all send and receive emails from any computer you oversee server message block.

Must-have Features of the Email monitoring app

  • Exact information

An email-tracking app should provide you accurate information and correct details of the email address that you are monitoring with letting you know all the possible ways of finding that whose email address it is. 

  • Safe and secure

You should make sure that whatever email monitoring app you are using should prevent hackers from intruding and creating a mess for you. The app should keep the confidentiality of your information. 

  • Legality

It is highly important to know the legality of such apps in your region, and before you start with monitoring your employee’s Email, you should take the consent so that it will not be a problem for you in the future. 

  • Timestamp

Some email monitoring app let you see the exact time at which the Email was sent rather than some employee fooling you by using some software by creating a scheduled time at which the Email will be automatically sent. It helps in figuring out the one that is behind all of this. The scheduled time of sending and receiving an email at what time can also be shared with you. 

Parental outlook

When you have kids, you should keep an eye on their activities since they are going through an age when most people do not know much about electronic mails or, in general, the bad side of the world. For that, you can easily track your child’s activities without having the fear that they might find out. 

Why is the TheOneSpy app a great Electronic Mail monitoring app?

TheOneSpy is an exceptional design email monitoring app with all the features that need to be present in an electronic mail monitoring app. It can let you access both sent and received emails, and you can gain access to the content that has been sending to a definite email address. The timestamp feature is also available for the users giving them trouble-free monitoring. The one different feature that it has is parental monitoring, which is not offered by many and still new in the world of email monitoring. It is the best one to offer all the essential features according to your business point. It is truly an easy and fast way of identifying who is using your data in the wrong way. So, do not waste your time and get it now!


If you are looking for something with maximum features and less pricey, then TheOneSpy is the one for you. It has several advantages, including making things easier for you when you have less time, but keeping track of your employees is not something you could not make a priority. So, try this out and initiate tracking!


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