Maximize Your Pool’s Cleanliness: A Deep Dive into WYBOT L1 Corded Cleaner

The WYBOT L1 is a fantastic cordless robot that is compact, lightweight, easy to operate, and does far more than an adequate job if utilized for the correct type of pool it’s meant to be in. Seriously, it will tidy up every little spot of your pool. Another great news is that it’s conveniently suitable for almost all types of pool surfaces, such as PVC, Concrete, etc.

Product Specifications:

A distinguishing factor of the WYBOT L1 pool cleaner is that it’s tailored for large pools, surpassing cleaning areas over 2000 square feet. (2152 sq ft). The cable length of this device is also good. It’s around 60 feet, providing ample reach to clean all areas of the pool without any issues. As for the pool types, it’s compatible with in-ground and above-ground pools.

Product Features:

It arrives assembled for the most part. All you must do is plug it in and drop it in the pool water. It will land nicely and perform its magic. For those who don’t know, it has advanced infrared sensors and brushless motors (200W) to clean any suitable pool rapidly. Plus, the product features LED indicator lights to help you know the status of the device during operation. 

Product Design/Built Quality:

The WYBOT L1 features a 6-litre dirt filter box, which means that it can capture a sizeable quantity of debris. Moreover, it can even climb most walls up to the waterline. Furthermore, it’s smartly designed to not re-release the gathered debris back into the pool.

Product Performance:

According to pool owners, the amount of dirt and debris this device picks up is unreal. Moreover, it has enough suctioning power to loosen algae from the surface. Most past purchasers have also appreciated the look of this cleaning machine.

Innovative Features:

The unit can be controlled through the integrated app. Basically, you can drop the device in the pool and control it entirely through the app. You can also schedule weekly pool maintenance with the help of the app. 

Ease of Maintenance:

It’s easy to clean this bad boy once it’s done cleaning. No matter how much dirt and debris the filter contains, you can clean it up in a jiffy. You simply have to flush the filter with water.

User Interface:

It’s not only easy to use but also easy to get in and out of the pool. Setting up the app and then controlling the unit with the app is a breeze as well. Mostly, it’s a one-click operation. For instance, you can direct the device to return to the surface with the click of a button on the app.


-Designed for versatile use, the WYBOT L1 pool cleaner can clean pools of all shapes.

-Since it’s not battery-operated, it will never stop running as long as it’s plugged in.

-The company behind the pool cleaner is awesome. They never hesitate to discuss and solve issues. 

-You also get a 2-year warranty, which the company is known to honor whenever the situation demands. 


-It needs to work better with pools with steep inclines. That said, the unit has the power to climb small to moderate inclines.


Overall, you will be delighted with the product and the company behind the cleaning machine. The device does everything that the company says about it.

Final Thoughts:

If pool maintenance feels like a nightmare, you can’t afford to cast a blind eye to the WYBOT L1 High-end Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner. It will save you a ton of cleaning time. You can check out the WYBOT L1 pool cleaner here.

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