15 apps & websites built with AngularJS

AngularJS is a very powerful open-source JavaScript framework that offers developers the flexibility to create websites or mobile apps.

This framework allows developers to create web apps for multiple platforms. Hence it is an ideal tool used by many companies when they plan to create their websites and apps.

Developers widely use Angular JS because it offers numerous features which makes it preferred choice to create web apps.

Some of these features include:

  • It supports two-way data binding which automatically changes the model if you make any change in the view and vice versa.
  • It supports model view and controller architecture, wherein you divide the app into MVC components and the framework does the rest of the job.
  • This framework allows you to use templates that show information from both model and controller.
  • The directives and attributes of Angular JS improve the functionality of the HTML element and allows you to add new functionalities to them.

All these above functionalities compel companies to hire angular JS developers to build exciting websites or mobile apps.

In this blog, we would like to share with you some of the popular web applications which are created by this robust framework.

1). YouTube for PS3: 

Anyone who has ever browsed the Internet is well acquainted with the YouTube channel.

YouTube is now available in Sony PlayStation 3 which is made possible through AngularJS platform.

This platform allows the user to not only watch but also share high-quality videos with other YouTube viewers worldwide.

2). Netflix: 

Netflix has completely shaken up the entertainment industry of the world. This online platform has caught the attention of the global audience by launching gripping TV dramas and making available the latest movies to their registered users.

This web app is developed based on the AngularJS framework that allows the user to get internet streaming media. The firm delivers the best and latest movies at their doorsteps on DVD through the Permit Reply Mail.

3). Upwork: 

This is a great website wherein, any business looking for freelancers can find millions of experts with varying degrees of experience and qualities available.

This site created through the AngularJS allows any business to not only find, but also interview and hire the employee of their choice who is suitable for the role in their organisation.

4). Lego: 

The Angular JS experts redesigned the website of this world-famous toymaker to attract more clients and provide an excellent experience to the existing ones.

5). IBM: 

The website of IBM, arguably one of the biggest technological companies worldwide is handled by AngularJS developers.

This modern-day Goliath launched its MobileFirst Platform Foundation, also known as IBM Worklight to connect with the mobile users in a more engaging way.

The company continues to trust the AngularJS framework for its website thanks to its simpler architecture, attractive and traditional looks, and a wide range of features.

6). Weather: 

Weather.com is one of the trusted websites which people generally look at when they want to know about the weather.

This reputable site which provides weather forecast for most of the cities around the world is built on the AngularJS framework.

7). iStockphoto: 

If you want to sell your photos online, or you are looking for stock photos for your business, then you should go to the iStockphotos website.

This beautifully designed website in Angular JS contains a large number of images, videos as well as photo clips.

You can buy a photo from this website at a price of $ 0.95 to $ 1.50.

8). JetBlue: 

JetBlue is a leading airline service that operates in the USA as well as 12 other countries in South America and the Caribbean.

This premium air service was awarded the best airline reward program for the year 2014-2015 by the US News and World report.

The website of this mysterious airline is also built on the Angular JS framework.

9). Freelancer: 

Anyone who is looking for an online marketplace for outsourcing any job will find the Freelancer website best suited for their needs.

On this website, the employers post the requirements for their project and find the most eligible experts for the job at highly competitive prices.

This amazing site has more than 15.7 million registered freelancers who compete against one another to bid for the project.

This website is built through the Angular JS platform and is very beneficial both for the employer as well as those freelancers who are looking for a job online.

10). Landsend: 

This e-commerce website offers services in home furnishing, casual clothing as well as luggage.

It is a US-based company that has operations in the upper Midwest as well as in Western Europe that includes Germany, Austria, France, and the UK.

The company has used the Angular JS framework to build their website to connect with their customers online.

11). Wikiwand: 

This site is the improved variant of Wikipedia.

It has a dynamic look with a more attractive user interface that include sidebar menus, navigation bars and so on.

The developer of this website which is considered to be the fifth biggest in the world has used Angular JS framework to create an engaging look to provide a hassle-free but attractive browsing experience.

In addition to the websites, this framework is also used extensively to develop mobile apps some of the most prominent ones include:

12). PayPal: 

This huge financial company based in America has operations spread over 200 countries.

The main function of this company is to transfer money and has around two 54 million users worldwide.

This application uses Angular JS which was selected because of its robust architecture and heightened security.

13). Gmail: 

Gmail is one of the top online email platforms that have more than 1.4 billion users.

This free email service is available in more than a 105 different languages and has some of the most attractive features and sophisticated security elements that allow a better user experience to its customers.

This app is designed and developed in the AngularJS framework.

14). The Guardian: 

Anyone who speaks, reads, or listens to English news must have heard about the Guardian newspaper that has its headquarters in Britain.

It has an online app that is built on the AngularJS platform allows this prestigious newspaper to reach out to a wider audience globally who are interested to get unbiased news about the world.

15). Posse: 

This attractive mobile app is created with the focus of allowing those people who love to travel all over the world to find hidden gems where they can go and enjoy their holidays.

This mobile app offers travellers to share photos as well as their views of the place where they have visited.

It allows you to connect with a larger group who are going to the same location by using the app.

These examples show why companies hire Angular JS developers to build websites or mobile apps for their businesses so that they can connect more closely with their target audience.

Therefore, if you are looking for a robust framework to build a website or mobile app for your own business, then we suggest that you should take the help of any expert Angular JS developer and create an attractive website/app and see how your business grows online.

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