A Guide to Consent

As a company built around morals and ethics, Penthouse aims to be the leader of high-class escort and companionship experiences. Thus, a vital aspect of this is ensuring that consent from both parties is apparent and communicated.Our escorts in Melbourne are well-versed in handling situations where consent is essential to an enjoyable experience, guaranteeing that everyone in the bedroom (and out of it) is on the same page. The best approach—we have found—is a direct approach, but we appreciate that not everyone is acquainted with this method. So, in this blog post, we’re going to discuss  a guide to consent consent and what that may look like in different situations. And yes, including the escort-gentleman situation!

What is Consent?

Consent is best described as a clearly expressed agreement to participate given without coercion or pressure of any form. Verbal consent should always be given in some way as this eliminates any confusion or misread signals and allows for questions and discussion.

Most literature and articles about consent will talk about having open discussions. These are dialogues that can be approached with complete and total respect from both parties. The terms need to be explicit. In saying that, no one expects consent for sexual activities to be drafted by your lawyer, or that an article about what you will and won’t do with your partner is going to be published in the Herald. However, that doesn’t make verbal and shared consent any less important.

Asking For Consent

Verbal consent is important and is often the central talking point of consent discussion. But, if you and your companion are going hammer and tongs, then there’s no reason to kill the mood by having a full-blown deep, and meaningful conversation. You should be able to make the crucial judgment and decide whether verbal consent is necessary, based on your history with your partner as well as the mood of the evening.

Body language and the ability to “read the room” are important indicators for determining whether consent needs direct discussion. Feel the room, get your timing and delivery right, respect your partner, and stay confident that no matter what happens, both of you can work around anything and still have a great time.

That being said, not everyone is fantastic at reading body language, so we’ve compiled some consent questions to ask your partner before you decide to make a move:

  • “Are you okay with..?”
  • “I really want to try ___. How do you feel about that?”
  • “Does this feel good for you?”
  • “What do you like?”
  • “Are you comfortable with…?”

Important Things to Remember

If it’s your first time with your companion—whether it’s for a girlfriend experience, romantic getaway, or something naughtier—verbal consent is an absolute must. If it isn’t your first time with your companion, remember that just because consent may have been given before, that doesn’t automatically mean that consent is given again.

Things can get a little tricky when alcohol is involved, as it’s a mind-altering substance and impairs someone’s ability to give a consent. Stay on the side of caution in this scenario and make a solid effort to raise your level of communication. Ensure consent is extra clear, and if the answer isn’t clear or enthusiastic, then stop. While a person should be able to give consent freely and clearly, this is not possible if a person is intoxicated.

Finally, the clothes a person is wearing is never an indicator of consent. In no circumstances is it acceptable to assume that the person is consenting to activities simply by their attire.

How to Bring up Consent

Contrary to what some might believe, consent doesn’t have to be a buzz kill. It can be quite the opposite actually; a very enthusiastic YES can light a fire on both sides that will only intensify your time together. Asking your partner, “Is this okay?” is a great way to establish consent, and to simultaneously make sure that your partner is having a good time. After all, you’re there for a great time, so why not make it better by ensuring your partner is enjoying it as much as you? Sex is better for everyone when all parties involved are down like James Brown.

The topic of consent can be a complicated one, so feel free to ask us or your escort about what is expected from you. We offer a sexual service, but sex is still not an absolute guarantee. Consent is as important for escorts as it is for everyone else. If your date is having a good time, you will too. Each escort has a unique set of tastes and kinks, just like you, so take the time to understand which ones you both share and you’ll be on your way.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to make consent a fun talking point in the evening—get some dirty talk going—and ensure you are getting the most from your time together.

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