10 Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

So you are an entrepreneur, your brand has a website, and you are running your organic and paid campaigns all across your target audience. But still wondering why you are not getting enough traffic or why your efforts are not leaving a mark among the target audience. Then yes, you are in the right place, we are going to discuss some key areas which you might want to target and some strategies which will help you upscale your brand network and reach. 

With the establishment of more than a million websites every day, it is really important that you understand and use all the advertising resources you can have. Everybody is leveraging their brand-reach through search and social media advertisements, let’s take a dig into some innovative strategies which you can consider to support your marketing efforts- 

1. YouTube – 

Youtube is the 2nd largest search platform and is only behind Google. A lot of marketers are using YouTube ads for their platform but are not focusing on the video side of promotion and content. Creating interactive content can bring you tons of views and would eventually help you with business revenues. Videos are the most interactive means of indirect communication and through that, you can establish an indirect relationship with your audience. 

2. Create an email collection tool – 

Trusting on data gathering resources and buying email information of clients will not help you a lot but because the data has been distributed to a ton of business owners it will fetch good revenues for you.   

Creating a data-gathering tool will not take in many efforts but if customers voluntarily give you information about them then the process has good comparison benefits. You can create different audience sets based on the information they provide and then plan your email strategies accordingly. 

In advertising, many individuals allude to this device as a lead magnet and that is essentially a “complimentary gift” that would be of an incentive to your objective market. They simply need to register their name, email and  other data you request. A lead magnet could incorporate a digital book, a coupon code, a how-to guide, an interactive video and so on. The rundown goes on and on. 

3. Facebook Groups – 

Social Media groups are crowded with a niche-based audience. Everyone with Facebook accounts have joined some of the other Facebook groups based on their interests and likes and they get regular updates about posted content through their Facebook newsfeed. Targeting these Facebook groups can help you get the right kind of audience for your brand. 

Joining any Facebook group is absolutely free, but the group admins might charge you some small amount to advertise your product on their handle. This would not be much but will give you a good audience for your brand. 

4. FAQ Pages 

There are some things which you can’t mention in the product or services. Terms and Conditions are important and are visible everywhere but FAQ sheets are more interactive and can help your customers know your services in a better way. 

You can also add additional columns to your website giving customers complete freedom to ask questions about your brand, products or services. This type of marketing effort makes your website more engaging which further helps SEO

5. Use of Chatbots on your website – 

Artificial Intelligence has influenced our lives and the machine learning frameworks are not rare these days. Even small companies can enjoy the use of AI technology and set up chatbots for their processing. 

Through chatbots, customers can ask questions at any time of the day and your website will be available to answer their queries. This feature looks very attractive and can help you in your marketing efforts. 

6. Omnichannel Marketing   

By using Omnichannel you can integrate your diverse marketing platforms into a single one where different possibilities can be connected with your business through different sources like Facebook advertisements, Twitter or halting into your physical store. You can also set up an email gathering tool to collect information from different platforms without overlapping. 

This is the reason omnichannel advertising gives you an upper hand since it gives a consistent and reliable correspondence procedure to possibilities and clients over all channels.

7. Voice Search

Voice searches are becoming really popular with the advancement of its recognition and technology. Optimizing for voice searches is important for your overall business growth online.

Natural Language can be embedded in your content in order to fetch a larger audience, helping you in your ultimate digital marketing services goal. 

8. Virtual Reality 

Augmented and VR advertising is a new revolutionary technology that was not used by marketers lately, but rapid advancements have made this fantasy an impactful way to advertise. 

Virtual Reality can give your customers a lifelike understanding of your products which looks very attractive.

Now, because very few marketers are using this technology, using VR strategies on your website can make it interactive and engaging which will retain the customers on the website and will improve your bounce rate for further organic search development. 

9. Native Ads – 

It’s frustrating to see a ton of ads popping up when you click or search something on the website and this hampers the user experience on the website. 

Native ads are the ads on the website which get embedded along with the content. There are times when your prospects use adblock, so native ads become the only medium possible to spread your message to your audience. One of the main features of native ads is that they don’t look like ads. Generally, the native ads are taken by the audience as a part of the content on the page.   

10. Quora Marketing – 

Quora is a platform where people can ask questions and experts give answers. With a huge audience size, quora has the potential to attract a good audience towards your business. 

Using quora you can educate your prospects about your brand. 


It’s important that you use different strategies for your business goals. Relying just on traditional digital marketing services will not scale up your business revenues. You need a plan for your growth and this would only happen if you use all your options efficiently to survive the online competition.   

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