How to make a connection between router and printer for wireless printing

In this article we will discuss that how the user HP printer allows the user to print the device wirelessly with the help of any other connected network computer. The user can save the business money and the real estate just by reducing the number of Hp printers needed to the users. If  the user wants to connect almost any type of Hp printer with any type of user network and then although the networking method that the user select that depends on the Hp printer hardware devices.

Network Ready Hp Printer

Connect the Hp Printer with the Help of the Router:-

Now the user can connect one end of the Ethernet cable of the port that is shown on the Hp printer and then after that the user can connect the other end of the cable that is available on the other port of the router. Another option is that the user can connect the Hp printer with an available network on the wall jack if in the process of connecting hp printer not get properly than printer show the printing errors link hp printer not printing etc.

Now  Just Turn on the Hp Printer:-

Now the user can press the Power button that makes the Hp printer on and then the user has to wait for some time at least two minutes for the Hp printer and then the Router to communicate before proceeding with it and solve the problem of hp printer not printing.

Try To Configure to Print a Page:-

Now the user can control panel of the Hp printer to print the configuration page and that page contains the networking information then the user can include the IP address that has assigned with the help of the Hp printer and  then the user can use the Control panel to assign an IP address to the Hp Printer.

There are some actual steps that are necessary to print the page and the user need to configure the IP address that vary on depending on the manufacturer and the model of the Hp printer and then the user can refer the user owner manual information for the Hp printer that the user have and that have the specific.

Now Install the Hp Printer Software that is on the Network Computers:-

Now the user has to install the Hp printer software that is on any network computer that the user wants to gain access to  the Hp printer and then the user can install the Cd that is shipped with the Hp printer and that the user follow the onscreen instructions to install the software. Now the user should enter the IP address that the user appears on the configuration that the page the user want to be printed when the user sees it.

The user can search for the Hp printer among the available the network devices and then the user can reboot the computer and then the user can complete the installation. Then the user can make the installation process so that it may depend on very depending on the very specific model of the given Hp printer.

USB Hp printer:-

This is the time to Connect the Hp Printer to a Computer

Now the user can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the Hp printer to that computer and then install the print software and then if the user have not already done so these things.

Now the user enable print and the file sharing:-

If the user wants to enable the file and print sharing  on the computer directly connected to that Hp printer. Then the user can click on the start button and that is followed by the control panel and  then that is the type of the network and that is in the search box that is located in the Top right on the corner of the control panel screen and then the user have to select the Networking and sharing center from the options that appears that is on the left and then the user can select the change the advanced sharing Settings option.

There is an option available over here that is to turn on the file and Hp printer sharing option and then the user can click on the save changes option and then the user will receive the prompt so that the user can prompt to that so that user can enter an administrator password that depends on the computer security settings and after that close the windows control panel.


Now open the devices and the Hp printer dialog box and after that the user needs to open the control panel and then the user can open the devices and the Hp printer dialog box that is shown over here and after that locate the Hp printer and after that browse the available Hp printers until the user find the one the user want to share in that. Now the user should Right Click on the Hp printer options and then the user should click on the properties from the options that the user appear.

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